Cloud Powered Brute Force Prevention

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Protect your WordPress installation by utilizing the power of the cloud.

Malicious activity is synced between all WordPress sites through our cloud to prevent attacks before they even begin.

BruteGuard Shield

BruteGuard is the easiest and best brute attack protection available. WordPress sites using the plugin build a huge network and protective layer against malicious attacks due to the continuous syncronisation with our cloud servers.

SmartGuard Engine

Thanks to smart engineering we have built an algorythm that recognizes malicious behavior and patterns across all sites using BruteGuard and prevents attacks before they even happen.

Lightweight and Setup in Seconds

There are many security plugins out there that slow down your site or offer an overload of functionality. We believe in simplicity and building tools that simply work. No tweaking, no frustrating setup process. Install, activate, done!

Unparalleled Support

A product is just as good as the support that comes with it. We will help you with any questions related to our product 24 hours, 7 days a week in our dedicated member area.

100% Free For Lifetime

We want to contribute to the security of each and every WordPress installation and BruteGuard is 100% free.

100% Free, Setup in Seconds, Ultimate Brute Force Protection!

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